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Joan Perry

Creator of ‘The Women’s Wealth Model, A Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth’

Calling Women to the path of the Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth.

Lisa J. Shultz

Author, Coach, and Speaker

An encouraging writer to those who have lost a parent or are faced with losing a parent or loved one.

Cammie Dunaway

Author, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Consultant and Public Board Member

Leading Corporate ‘Fit’ with her new book “Fit Matters: How To Love Your Job”.

Debbie Dachinger

Chief Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Measure Marketing Results Inc

Inspiring and influencing progressive businesses to achieve a larger impact with online marketing.

Coxy Chiara Rodoni

Creative Director at Coxy

Style is an outer reflection of your Inner Self. True Beauty is not out there. It’s within You.

Shelley Whizin

CEO and Founder of the Soul Diving Institute

Inviting Women To Connect For Their Soul Purpose

Barbara Ellison

Coach, Trainer and Certified and Licensed BankCode Trainer

Inspiring Women To Reach Their Full Potential At Any Age

Lori Cammerota

Lead From Love Author, Speaker and Coach

Changing how people lead in their personal and professional lives to inspire results that make a world of

Jenna Grayson

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Let Your Clarity Guide You Forward – This is A Game Changer

Design Your Financial Life

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