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If there are two things Americans are known for, it is our innovation and determination.

This is why entrepreneur conferences are so important. It gathers innovators together and who knows what they will create.

8 Entrepreneur Conferences in 2018

You should go to these conferences because if you are an entrepreneur than you can meet people who think like you. You can learn many lessons from entrepreneur conferences. You can get inspiration for your next business venture.

1. Forbes Under 30 Summit

This summit is so much more than just a conference, it has a music festival, food festival, and a bar crawl. But don’t let the entertainment fool you, there will be business happening. With talks and one on ones with big investors, this is the place to go for young innovators.

There are keynote talks about how to own a room, how to make a statement, and even the future of the democratic party. This social entrepreneur conference is for people from all fields, from business to entertainment to tech. The summit has not yet decided on a date for 2018.

Forbes Under 30 Summit

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2. GrowCo

This conference hosted by Inc. is a three-day event that uses over 40 years of experience covering business to connect entrepreneurs. The full title of the conference is Inc. Grow Your Company Conference.

The attendees are hungry for advice, strategies, and connections. With talks about how to double your profit, dealing with quick growth, and more about all different aspects of business, this is great place for business people of all levels. This conference runs from May 30th through June 1st.

3. Next Gen Summit

This is a conference for young entrepreneurs, a space that has been growing bigger in the past few years. The goal of the summit is to help these young professionals get the resources they need and give them guidance both online and in person. In its 4th year, this conference has been growing rapidly. Last year, the conference had over 700 attendees. This summit will run from June 8th through the 10th.

4. The Human Gathering

This conference is focused on business, tech, entertainment, philanthropy, and the arts. It focuses on authentic human connection and conversation more than anything. This conference is hoping that each gathering will change the world. Admission to this conference is invitation only but you can apply to be invited. This conference will be on April 5th through the 7th.

5. Startup Grind

This is a global hotspot for tech entrepreneurs. This conference boast that 7,000 founders and investors attend, more than 250 keynote and fireside sessions, and having over 50 exhibiting startups.

The goal of this conference is to form a community and help each other. With talks about founding and building Tesla to investing, this conference has a great mix of big names and up and comers. This year’s conference has already passed, it was in February, but if this sounds like something for you, follow them so you can attend next year.

Startup Grind

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6. CEO Space

This is an online space for entrepreneurs, which is great for anyone who can’t physically travel to a conference. Because it is online it is more community oriented and it hosts a forum where people can share ideas. There are business owners, entrepreneurs, and owners within this community. They host keynote talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.

7. MicroConf

This conference is focused on small software companies. What’s interesting about this particular conference is the fact that there are two kinds. There’s the Growth Edition, which is for company founders who are currently making a full time income from their business. This version is on how to grow revenue and make enough money to hire employees.

The Starter Edition is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are not making a full-time income. The version’s focus is to provide advice to get them to the point of making full-time money. These two conferences run April 29th through May 3rd.

eWomenNetwork Entrepreneur Conference & Expo

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8. eWomenNetwork Entrepreneur Conference & Expo

This conference focuses on female entrepreneurs of all ages. The ages of attendees are as young as 21 and as old as 69.

This conference will help with digital marketing, like teaching about the value of a Facebook business page or how to work social media in general to your advantage. It will also teach how to gain confidence to make that big breakthrough, and how to create a master success plan for your business. This conference runs from July 12th through the 14th.

A Place of Ideas and Imagination

Entrepreneurial conferences are great for when you feel like you need a creative spark. With business minded people gathering in one place, you never know what kind of idea will appear in your head.

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