Rebecca Wilson is making waves in the entrepreneurial world. After a rigorous work history, she is now taking the reins with her own business, Starts at 60. Going from a marketing consultant to CEO she is a symbol of the entrepreneur dream.

Who is Rebecca Wilson?

Rebecca WilsonRebecca Wilson is a ridiculously hard worker and a mother to 3 young kids.

Starts at 60 is a news, blog, and informational website and online community. It’s geared to those 60 and older in Australia and New Zealand. She previously had a consultation business called Stretched Marketing. She is always eager to learn new things, even if it’s outside her field. She has worked really hard since graduating college.

8 Interesting Facts About Rebecca Wilson

It’s easy to see Wilson as someone far removed from ourselves, after all, she is in charge of a successful media company. But we would be mistaken, she is actually down to earth and friendly. She doesn’t mince words when it comes to her journey, and makes it seem doable for anyone.

1. She Didn’t Start Out Wanting to Be an Entrepreneur

Like most of us, Wilson didn’t know what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. In college, she didn’t study in a specific field.

Instead, she got sucked into many college clubs. This is how she discovered entrepreneurship.

2. She Has a Long and Rigorous Work History

From starting out as a stockbroker trainee right out of college to funding her company, Wilson has worked hard. Her LinkedIn Page is jammed packed with her history, recommendations, and her skill set. It’s like an open book on her past careers.

She has worked in the investment banking industry, took part in the blossoming .com arena, worked at a consulting firm, and then went independent.

3. She Prefers People Over Corporate Companies

When Wilson created Stretch Marketing in 2009, she wanted to be in control of who she consulted. This is also when she decided to start writing blogs about marketing.

When she ended Stretch Marketing, it was because she ended up back in the corporate world. She managed more corporate teams than people and that didn’t sit well with her.

4. She Wants to Change the World

She created Starts at 60 because she saw that baby boomers were being ignored. They were being ignored because they struggle with technology and the ever-changing world. She also saw this as a business opportunity to help serve an emerging market.

5. She Sees Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

While most of us dread the idea of making a mistake, Wilson sees it as an opportunity. Her mindset is that if she hadn’t made the mistake, then she wouldn’t be where she is right now.

6. Start at 60 Has Humble Beginnings

She started this business one night while her kids were asleep.

7. Start at 60 Has Had Controversy

Due to the large audience, the site had to tone down political coverage because the discussion was getting too heated.

8. She Has Won an Award

In 2017, she won the Media Brand of the Year. Start at 60 beat many tier-one brands across sports, youth, and mainstream segments.

A Bit About Start at 60

It would be a mistake to talk about Rebecca Wilson without talking about her passion project, Start at 60. While there have been some mentions of it, now it’s time to get down to the details. This is a site for people who are older than 60 and are looking for more from their life. It gained its popularity so quickly because of how quickly society writes off the older generations.

This is a truly started from the bottom and worked up business. What started off as a simple website filled with articles written by Wilson in between her day job and being a mom to her kids, has turned into a full company with a team of writers and a team to run the site. They’ve grown to the point of having hundreds of people forming their writing community.

They got sponsors and investors, and created a board of directors. The site grew from a community, to a media brand, then eventually a travel company. They went international in late 2017 creating Starts at 60 USA.

Why You Should Follow Rebecca Wilson

Following Rebecca will inspire you, because she created something in her home one night. She had a vision and was able to execute it to the point of being profitable. She proves that if you work hard enough, then you can do anything. By following Rebecca Wilson Facebook post features and her Twitter account, you’ll learn more about who she is and gain tips from her. You never know what kinds of ideas she’ll inspire in you.

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The above article was researched and written by the editorial staff at WomensWealth.Money.

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