Women’s Financial Stability

Embracing Our Money Lives

  • Does thinking about giving your money to a stockbroker give you the jitters? Would you rather have a root canal than think about your financial life?
  • Do you sometimes lose sleep over a spending spree? Are you in danger of becoming a bag lady when you stop working?
  • Do you own an investment or two that you don’t fully understand?
  • Are you missing the opportunity to double your money every five or six years?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then read on. This website is for you.  Here we will dispel the fears and misconceptions you may have about creating your financial future and will nurture you to develop strong, sensible money strategies, whether you’re just starting out or have already made some headway with investments. It will also help you realize that handling your money is not as challenging as you think, and can be an enjoyable, fascinating journey toward emotional and personal wholeness.  

Anyone can successfully manage their money

Women's Financial Stability 

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old; married, partnered, or single; divorced or widowed; employed or unemployed; rich or poor. What is important is that you begin. In my working years, I spent some time in New York City meeting with my publisher. One spring day, as I wandered in and out of galleries and shops on the streets of SoHo, I ran into my friends Jana and Marc. Jana is a social worker and Marc is a doctor. They’re both fortieths and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. They asked me what I was up to, and I replied, “I’m working on teaching successful money strategies for women.” 

“That could be a short subject,” Marc quipped. “You just need two sentences: ‘Marry someone rich’ and ‘Get a good lawyer.’ ” All three of us laughed.“Problem is,” Jana said, “the lawyer gets all the money.” Then she turned more serious and said, “Joan, you have no idea how much I need some useful financial information that I can really relate to. At work, I run an entire department. I set budgets and deal with payrolls and expense accounts. But I really don’t know enough about my own personal finances. I just hope that Marc doesn’t decide to leave me anytime soon.”

Jana’s story didn’t surprise me. In my work in money matters, I’ve talked to many women over the years who express the same lament.

“You mean you’ve done nothing to ensure your financial future?” I inquired.

“Nada,” she said. “Hey, many women haven’t —certainly not too many of my friends. When we were kids, we were always told we never could or didn’t have to. Then we went to work and spent a lot of time and energy proving ourselves on the job. And now that we’ve begun to make our mark in just about every profession and the area in life, many of us still don’t know what to do about our financial futures.”

Jana, like most women, had grown up thinking a certain way. That’s “herstory.” There’s not much we can do about how we’ve been raised and choices we’ve made to this point in our lives. But if you’re ready to begin the journey of how you’ll build cash for your future, you’re going to need some “rewiring”— you’re going to have to change how you envision yourself as a woman and the role money plays in your life.

Helping you explore and, if need be, change your attitudes about money, is a primary focus of (this website)   Here we not only going to guide you to some sensible and effective money strategies; we’re also going to encourage you to realize your power as a woman and accept what might seem a revolutionary concept: You can, you will, and you must have control over your financial life. This is the place to start for you – and or those you teach, like the young women in your life.

Joan Perry is the publisher of www.WomensWealth.money, the national authority site for women and money. She is a Best Selling Author of ‘A Girl Needs Cash’, Random House; and Living Proof, Celebrating the Gifts that Came Wrapped in Sandpaper (co-authored with Lisa Nichols). Joan is also the creator of The Women’s Wealth Model, A Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth,. As a pioneer in the field of women’s wealth, she founded the first female-owned investment banking firm that underwrote and traded municipal bonds for major governmental entities. Now as a women’s wealth advocate, she serves as a teacher, coach, writer and speaker.

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