It’s a big question, how do I know what I’m good at? You may even think, “I’m not good at anything,” but everyone is good at something. It can seem like an overwhelming question; you may picture a big life journey to figure it out. But that doesn’t have to be the truth.

How to Find What You’re Good At in 7 Ways

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The Value of Knowing What You’re Good At

No matter how old you are, this question can be haunting. By knowing what you are good at you’ll feel more confident with yourself, and that can translate into many aspects of your life. You may feel more at ease talking to people, or maybe you’ll finally admit that you are good at writing after hiding it for a long time.

How to Find Out What You’re Good at in 7 Steps

Knowing what you are good at can help you choose a possible career path or maybe opening your business. Maybe you aren’t interested in profits and instead want to do something as a hobby to boost your self-esteem

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1. Ask Around

There’s no better first step than to just ask yourself and those you trust. People around you may surprise you with their answers. Try making a list of people and what specific questions you want to ask. Do you want a more general answer or are you asking for a possible path for life?

Consider these ideas before going around. It’s good to be prepared.

2. Take a Personality Test

Take a real personality test, like for example, 16 Personalities offers a free personality test. It is very detailed and asks some really tough questions.

In the end, not only will they give you your personality type but they will explain what that means. Then they break down how relationships, parenthood, and more work with your personality type. Best of all, they have a specific career section.

This can be a great place to start.

3. Write Down Things You Like to Do

For a week try writing down the top five things you like to do. Then think about why you like to do them. For example, you love to be around animals and they seem to love being around you too. A possible career choice could be a vet or a pet physical therapist, or maybe you can volunteer at your local animal shelter.

4. Look for Patterns

While searching for your answer, try looking for patterns that appear. It could be a character trait, or an area of enjoyment that people notice makes you happy. See if you agree with these patterns and how they could translate to your life.

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5. What Are Your Skills

There are two types of skills, hard and soft. Hard skills are specific teachable abilities that can be measured. This could mean typing, writing, math, or computer skills. Soft skills are aspects of your personality that helps you interact well with others.

So, for example, maybe everyone tells you that you are a great listener. That’s a soft skill. You being really good at math is a hard skill.

Some ways you can discover these skills is you could look back at any old job reviews, think back to your childhood, and ask around.

A really telling exercise could be imagining that you were given a project. What area are you most confident in handling? How to do you feel about working with other people? These answers can really reveal some surprising skills.

6. You Could Hire a Life or Job Coach

This may be a search that you just can’t do on your own. There is no shame in seeking professional help. They will know the questions to ask, how to tease the answers out of you, and how to translate them into the real world.

7. Keep an Open Mind

This may be harder than you think. Even though want to know “how to find out what I’m good at,” you may already have answers in your subconscious. The answers could surprise you and your first instinct is to deny it. You have to remember that there is a different version of you that people see, parts of yourself that you might not recognize. If you are open, you may find an area of work that would pleasantly surprise you.

This is Only the Beginning

While it doesn’t have to be a long life journey of discovery, you’ll be surprised at what will come out this small search.

These suggestions on how to know what you’re good at are just a few, but there are many other ways that you can find out what your good at. Search around, be open, and be patient. This might not happen instantly, but this doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at anything.


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