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How To Stand Up For Yourself and Earn Money

Do you stand up for Yourself? If you are wrapped in fear, are wicked in what you tell yourself about yourself, are numb to your sense of what is good for you or have stonewalled your heart – you will have trouble standing up for yourself and your money.  Because the underlying you and your money are ‘who you are’; what you offer to the world in exchange for money and the products that you create. 

Let’s look at this.  When you go out to earn money, money is a measurement of who you are.  It sums up your confidence, your trustworthiness and you’re free to be all that you can be.  We live in a world where you create something – a service, a product, a helpful solution — and then sell it in exchange for money.  The quality of your offering will be very related to how you see yourself and how the rest of the world sees you.   

The way that we see ourself is wrapped up in the stories that we make up and tell yourself about what has happened to us throughout our lives and what meaning we make from these stories.  The truth is that they are just ‘stories’, which we determine to be valid.  And then the stories give rise to our emotions and fears. 

We decide:  I’m not smart enough.  I don’t have enough money.  I don’t know how to do that. I am a woman and women don’t do that.  We decided from the stories we made up to have beliefs that limit us.  Sorry, my dear Sister, I wish for you to be wealthy, resourceful, and create goods and services from your divinely feminine spirit that will heal the world. 

This begins with you.  How you organize your mind, your spirit, your intuitive knowing, your energy and your conviction.  I am on this journey with you.  New opportunities are emerging for you.  The world needs what you have to offer. 

In her book, ‘Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening’, by Martha Beck, the journey for Diana from self-hatred to self-love is transverse.  Martha Beck calls this the journey of bewilderment and the becoming of the divine feminine.  Liz Gilbert, who wrote “Eat, Pray, Love’ – says about ‘Diana, Herself’, ‘that it is the perfect book, I want every woman I know to read it’. 

I agree.  It is time for women to enjoy wealth, productivity, contribution and happiness in being.  There is an energy that women have been surpassing that is needed on this planet, our home.  Our stories of ‘lesser than’, ‘victimized’ and ‘poor’ diminish our creative energies. 

Here’s what Martha Beck says about this and the path of our journey.  There is so much wisdom in her book and this is a mere summary to entice you to run out and get the book to read.  There are steps to becoming alive, and these steps are in order, she calls them ‘Tasks’.  The first is to calm all fear.  The second one is to absorb nourishment, not poison.  The third is to let your Meta self-move you.  The fourth is to connect your heart to all hearts.  The fifth is, to tell the truth.  The sixth is to let your Meta self-flow through you. And, the seventh is to notice that you are all for all, always.  This is her description of the divine feminine. 

The point here is that there is a process for overcoming the smallness of a little life with no money, victimized, humiliated and taking the back seat.  Rosa Parks was a good example when she refused to take the seat in the back of the bus, as a black woman in that small town in the South.  Rosa Parks cries out for all of us. 

Dear Sister, don’t take the back seat any longer.  What are you doing to get wealthy, speak feminine truth into our world of near destruction, and wake up to the products and services that can be uniquely created from a woman’s point of view?

Do you say, ‘I don’t know how to do this?’  Listen, dear Sister, because this is a larger conversation that is now taking over our world.  And, it is a hopeful conversation that inspires and enriches and speaks into the conversation of the world designed for our children. 

Women Thinking on How to Make Money

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Gandhi said that ‘western women will save the planet’.  When I heard this, it stopped me in my tracks.  ‘Not from who we are presently being’ — was my first thought.  How can we influence if we don’t learn to create money, live our true nature and come to create a world from a different point of view?

I spent so many years managing money in the stock markets.  One time I was on a radio show for my new book and the host asked me about women investing in the markets.  After my description, he said ‘Well, that’s the first time that I’ve ever heard of the markets described in anything but war and football terms.’  He was right — money is always described in male language to communicate its terms and understanding.  No wonder women have felt that this is a sideline to the more important things in their lives. 

But Sisters, it’s not.  The journey of the divinely feminine and money are entwined and the stories that we tell ourselves are vital to our abilities and opportunities to contribute to this world in meaningful ways. 

Sister, if you develop your confidence, your happiness, your sense of productivity, your ability to create from the feminine point of view, your courage, your strength — if you become wealthy from products and services that you offer to the world and are skilled at commerce and emerging markets — you will be a contributor and helpful to raising feminine energy and helping those who need help. 

In Martha Beck’s book, she talks about the cry to women to help to save the babies!  You won’t be helping if you stay in your old stories. 

You won’t be helping if you think this world is not your world.  You won’t be helping if you think that running out of money before you run out of your life will work.  Right now, women will be a tremendous burden on society because they have not collectively valued the importance of money for their lives. 

I’m not saying that the way is to go out and jump into the economy as it is currently set up from a male point of view.  I’m not saying that this will answer where women need to go or be a solution to creating wealth at a later stage of life.

In fact, honestly, when I was in the brokerage business, I hated it, even though I did it for nearly thirty years.  I always honestly felt that I was ‘putting a pink skirt on a pig’.  While that may sound crude, what I am saying is that I tried to put a feminine spin on the traditional male financial world. 

And the truth was that I understood that the world of financial products, as determined by men, was not solving the financial problems of women.  This was very sad to me.  And I was profiting from selling products that I knew didn’t work.  This is the bigger problem.  Many products sold in the marketplace today are not solving the essential problems of the planet.

After all, as Brene Brown says – we are the fattest, the most medicated, the most divorced, the unhappiest people in history.  The construct of the marketplace is not solving the world’s problems.  This is clear.

So, a new point of view is needed.  And this is the emerging feminine.  This is the divine journey that Martha Beck talks about in her book.  This is the cry that Rosa Parks had for all of us; black and white, Chinese and Indian, gay and straight women alike.  This is the time to transition our story. 

When I started my brokerage firm that underwrote muni bonds, I heard a group of guys say that ‘women couldn’t take the risk’.  I remember thinking how ridiculous that was, and thinking ‘just watch me’.  After all, as a child, I had launched myself into the air from the highest point possible as a competitive diver.  I felt sad to think of their comment and how different and uneventful my life would have been if I didn’t take risks. 

Part of that risk-taking experience was confidence, strength, focus, a plan, an expectation for my results and the thrill of living my life fully.  I couldn’t possibly stand on a diving board and think of all of the bad things that could happen, that my childhood had been incomplete or that the water might not catch me below.  These are all stories that I could have made up in the moment of my performance. 

But I was out to create beauty, to experience how the human physique could perform, to land the perfect dive, to inspire the people who watched me, to get the maximum height out of the spring of the board, to feel the sun on my body, to find my happiness in the journey. 

This is what I wish for you dear Sister.  Walk the path to your glory, and create your riches in the process.  And, I will be right there to applaud your success!!  I will count your successes like the blossoming of a field of spring flowers and rejoice in the beauty.

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