For much of my adult life, I believed money was something I only wanted to participate in minimally, with blinders on. Essentially, “Money is the root of all evil” was my conviction in my late teens and early 20’s.   As a budding social worker and strong liberal, I believed it was noble to “recognize this truth” and speak about the seemingly undeniable truth. It was so obvious to me. How could I have been so blind? I can only attribute it to youth because my vision has expanded.

Now, in my early 40’s I’m watching my dad age with great difficulty, while I’m also moving through the 3-year anniversary of my mom’s unexpected passing. I’ve lived life long enough to feel a new awakening that says, “Money is a profoundly important tool, power, and gift.”

Now I am seeing that money can supply us with healthcare, life experiences, longevity, fun, freedom, and security. Money allows us to leave a legacy; great gifts and service to those we’ve cared for with the meaningful memories and feelings of love. Our lives can also serve those that may not have had the same opportunities to create abundance from life here in this vastly abundant nation I’ve been blessed to live in.

Money as the Root of Our Empowerment on Women

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This is both a great revelation for me as well as a confronting recognition. It is showing me an opportunity to embrace money physically and emotionally. It’s also challenging some of my well-held beliefs, values, and ways in which I’ve identified myself in the world.

At this point in my life, I am being called to integrate all that I’ve come to know about creation and magnetism, consciousness and abundance, fairness and generosity. I know now that if I am to fully embrace money and the gifts it brings, I have to wholeheartedly make friends with money so that it will embrace me back and want to hang out with me.

I have to move from experiencing fear of what I’ve seen money can do to people, relationships and nations, into acceptance of money as an amazing gift, and then into pure appreciation and allowing myself to truly ‘have and hold’. It’s a big shift; I now offer great thanks for knowing this and, and that feeling this appreciation is so much more fun than holding on to fear!

I’ve shifted to seeing that having and giving are so much more fun than grasping. The best part too is that I now know that having money does not ever have to include a lack of anyone else or a fight for it. It is quite the opposite – having money allows me to give and be generous so that others have more too. I have softened into the flow of having and receiving. As a woman, that just feels really good!

I’ve resolved that this year is my year to make peace with money. I am watching money flowing in with greater ease than ever before. I am aligning with my gifts, joys, appreciation, ease, allowing, feelings of security, and I am well provided for. Nobody is losing. There is so much to gain. Pure gain is available for all in this new awareness. It simply is. It is happening.

I am choosing to move into a graceful flow and appreciation of wealth. I know money and I have had to begin in peace with one another before we can be lovers. Of course, I’d love to wholeheartedly love money. Sometimes I love it. When I feel like I really have plenty and it is true with me, I love it. And like my other relationships, I like to know that those I love are there with and for me. It feels like security. It feels like love. That’s the kind of relationship I am choosing to create with money. What a great opportunity. It actually feels like a change in my relationship with myself.

As money comes and goes, and comes again, I see that I really want and even need to have peace with myself in order for all of this to all make any real sense. If my peace and security are dependent on outside circumstances like how much money I have in the bank, I feel grasping and then money seems to be farther out of my reach.

In simple peaceful open times, like while walking with nature, I offer up all I have to the Infinite and say thank you so much for all the good I have. Then more comes in. Just like that. It’s graceful. It’s an act of loving generosity. Just like with a loved one, when I am grasping, the other feels so distant and life feels scary. When I let go and release into appreciation, my inner state draws in what is likened in consciousness to me – more of what I’m already appreciating.

It’s been said, “What you appreciate appreciates.” This is such a simple yet profound piece of wisdom about our natural power as co-creators in this life experience. In this state of being, I get to appreciate those I love, God, money, people just walking by. It’s a truly wonderful way to live. I get to practice holding appreciation in my heart as a way of being in harmony with the high intelligence of the Infinite.

I’ve been practicing acts of appreciation for money. Recognizing that appreciation is a great way of creating peace as well as attraction. I want to create, attract, and have money. I admit it. Wow, I said it! It’s such a beautiful opportunity that we have as women, particularly in the western developed world.

We are coming to recognize in both modern science and awareness that everything is energy. Everything is vibrational consciousness. If I look at anything – a friend, a loved one, a stranger as a source of greed, selfishness, violence, withholding, overpowering others, deceitful, limited – they will not want to be around me very long if at all. It is the same with the energy of money.

When I see money as the source of these negative qualities for humanity or for myself, I will not engage with it or only up to the point that I absolutely have to. This is how I lived in my younger adult life. And I had just what I needed, and always have. We have the opportunity as modern western women to choose to embrace money, and as we choose it, we can have it peacefully, honestly, generously.

It’s not like that in so many places in the world where there is no choice. There is no light around an idea like, “I’ve decided that I want to have money, so I’m going for it!” We have this great opportunity as women of the modern western world. We truly can change the world with this kind of decision-making.

Women Discussing about the Empowerment of Money

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I have seen great poverty in the world first-hand. I’ve seen the incredible struggle of people globally – in Kenya, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Palestine. There is great struggle happening on this planet we live upon. Women around the world have no flexibility in their culture. They can’t get jobs. They have to marry young and are expected to have several children. When their husbands die they have no way to sustain their families’ lives without another man and often are undesirable as partners because they are widows. We have freedom and opportunity in this country that is easy to take for granted. It’s easy for me to take for granted, even witnessing it up close.

Over 2.1 billion people in the developing world live on less than the US $ 3.10 a day, according to the World Bank. Far too many people are clearly living with far too little. The good news is that statistics have improved. A short 12 years ago, the statistics were much worse. Compared with what had been 2.9 billion living under the same amount. So the share of the population living under that threshold nearly decreased by 1 billion.

Yet we still have some big work to do. When we compare it to what we have in the western world, opportunities for education, free enterprise, marriage, employment, and childbearing choices, we as the western woman truly can make an incredible difference for our global family. This is especially true when we realize our potential impact in practical ways that also serve our own needs for financial security, fulfillment.

Collectively, women are awakening to the realization of the greatest power that we have had in many generations as modern women. We are recognizing that we are creators. We are not only as biological mothers, we are women who are signs of its manifestation, receivers, wisdom keepers and world leaders.

We are the ones that hold the key to saving the planet. As the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” We are the ones who can do this. We can and we are doing it. I say yes to fully participating in this great wave of empowerment, liberation, contribution, rising, unity, and healing as a return to the wholeness that has always been there: a natural abundance called into creation. No losers, only winners.

We have lived long enough believing in the role of women being in service to something more narrowly focused – man, a nuclear family, perhaps a school. There is nothing wrong in being in service to your own family, don’t get me wrong. This is noble and critically important. It’s more to say there is an awakening to the truth of an even greater fulfillment and essence occurring. This awakening resides in the knowing that our empowerment serves far more than we can see immediately around us. After all, we are intimately and directly connected with the Infinite Creator. So what do we want to do with that?

Personally, I am ready. I am ready to have and to rest in the peace of having money and all of the contribution that can serve from this place. To rest in the peace of profound contribution while having money. This is my wish. I am truly inspired by the vision of something greater for my life, and inspired by those that brought me here. I am inspired by the life and for humanity as it rises globally.

Let’s do this together. Let’s liberate ourselves, and one another. Take my hand. For you Mom, I choose to create more, to serve more, to have wealth and to give abundantly. This is my stake in the ground decision. And it feels really good.

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