Ladies, did you know that 2018 is declared the “Women’s Year of Growth”?  Yes, it is — and, here’s the scoop!!

It’s a complete year dedicated to growing your income, growing your business and — most importantly, locking arms and growing your high-powered connections with women who can truly be more powerful together than they ever could be alone!

I am passionate about women and this wonderful era for women we’re experiencing, and this time to GROW.  Success is waiting for us.

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I started my company, ’Promote Her Business’ in 2012.  I say, ‘Promote Her Business, On-line, Off-line, All the time’.  That’s our motto.  Often people ask me how I began to develop this passion and its profitability.

It began because I was so done selling Girl Scout cookies in the Chicago cold. Have you ever tried door-to-door selling as a kid?

As much as I loved Girl Scouts, putting myself out there to promote, and being top cookie seller for 10 years in a row — what I did NOT LOVE was ringing doorbells when my fingers were so cold I could no longer feel them. It was especially annoying when families heard the bell ring, and then hurried to turn off their lights as if they weren’t home! That’s doubly cold!

But there was a kernel of joy in it that kept me motivated and asking the questions.  And the questions lead me on my path to today. 

I kept thinking: “There has to be a better way.  A better way to promote what I strongly believed, to people who actually wanted what I had.  A better way to help women and their daughters, the girls of today and women of tomorrow, better leverage their time and profitability.  A better way to make money and make a difference.”  How could I show up to inspire and be the contributor I was called to be?

You see, I couldn’t ignore that little voice in me.  Life had shown me that I was here for a purpose.  And, it was my time for me to pick this purpose up, examine it and step in. 

I heard myself asking me questions: How could women work smarter, not harder? Why were women not leveraging connections between themselves?  What new businesses could women start?  What support did they need?

Then, I have literally made it my life’s work to figure out how to have more women “work smarter” while promoting what they love, believed in and want to get known for.  That’s juicy!  My life rocks with this!

Presently, our chapters are in California and we are actively working to expand our message across the country.  We are stepping up to show what ‘Promote Your Business’ is all about from the experiences we encounter and the experts and expert knowledge that we feature in our community events and online forums. 

You may be able to experience coming to our meetings in person, and also you can follow us online and in our public Facebook Group.

We’re all about you and your time to GROW.  Here are the top 4 most popular ways to GROW yourself this year, according to the community:

Generate a Dream Team to Promote You

Within our PHB community, we recommend finding at least 3-7 Promotion Partners, who have the same client base as you do, and come to a formal collaboration agreement to promote each other in very specific and powerful ways year-round.  You can also do this in your own community.   

creating a dream team

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The goal is in the process to build your dream team:  Your innermost circle, and one-of-a-kind win-win profitable long-term relationships — whereby, you give each other high-quality referrals, get each other on more public venues, keep each other accountable, buy each other kids’ girl scout cookies (grin) and more. You get it. 

Suggestion:  Go to ‘Promote Her Business’ public group FB page for FREE to meet potential promotion partners and share what you’re up to for serving the world! This will inspire you.

Revolutionize How Advanced Networking is Done

Yes, it is the ‘Promote Her Business’ Community behind declaring that 2017 was the ‘Year of Women Entrepreneurs’ — and that 2018 is the ‘Year of Growth’ — and the power of our collective word isn’t stopping here…

One thing our PHB community is known for is not only being individual trail-blazers but also being trail-blazers as a collective community.

Here’s the goal: Knowing how to leverage our collective buying, speaking, giving, and promoting power. And using it. This enables things that you simply can’t do alone.

Women start more businesses, it’s true.  But they are largely sole-entrepreneur businesses.  It’s the same old, ‘a woman can do it all’ approach — that gets us tired and worn out.  But truth-be-told, we need each other to expand our vital messages. Time for this change.

If you do your research, you’ll find that for the last 30 years or more, networking has been defined by male founders of networking groups, and we applaud them for having developed the understanding for marketing method as “know, like, and trust”.  You’ve heard this for years.

The goal is:  Now, we are saying that it’s time for a female energy to take us to the next level of what’s possible for Advanced Networking and marketing!  Jump in.  What follows is beautiful!

Ladies, advanced thinking means:

  • Knowing’– is evolving into ‘EXPERIENCING’;
  • Liking’ – is evolving into ‘LOVING’ (check out social media trends for proof);
  • Trusting’ is evolving into ‘COLLABORATION’ (over competition) – a true sign of trust!

Suggestion: It’s time for a woman’s way. Time for women to lock arms and revolutionize how this advanced networking is done with “feminine energy”.  And check out ‘Promote Her Business’, as you can, for the unique and powerful networking formats in a chapter or online to share this message!   

Only criticize yourself on days that do NOT end in ‘-day’. Let’s face it, Ladies, we are often crueler to ourselves than any enemy of ours could be, and this insanity STOPS this year.  Pause on that one!

When you hear cruelty to yourself recognize it and then go here.

The goal is: 

  • To remind yourself that you’ll need to WAIT until another day (that doesn’t end in ‘-day’) to continue this type of thinking! Then powerfully take back your mind, your days, your life and purpose, so you serve as a role model for women and girls in your community to do the same! 
  • In place of the criticism, remind yourself of 1 reason you’re AWESOME!  Your mind can’t hold two thoughts at the same time — so definitely worth replacing the disempowering thought with the empowering one — right?

Suggestion:  Be quick to notice when you are impairing your success, interrupt the thought, and vow to believe in you.  Go to your dream team and ask for support.  We all bounce around in this madnesss, but getting yourself grounded in your belief in yourself is essential.  You’ll be tested by those who for some crazy reason will try to derail your success and your message — don’t let them! — just think ‘thanks for sharing, and I’m here to promote my message so I’m doing my own work to grow’ — and get on with your plans!

Work smarter, not harder on your marketing/sales efforts

In our PHB community, we suggest not waiting until you’re desperate for clients — to meet decision makers, make connections, seek opportunities and gain the knowledge you need — to get your grip on marketing/sales.   

The goal is:  We highly recommend that you participate in a year-round continual education program on topics like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Speaking, Video, and more.  We offer this in our chapters and also you can find this learning at local colleges and community workshops. 

Then, you can make an informed decision about what’s the best way to reach your ideal market at the right time in the right way — while not just promoting your business, but learning how to have the world fall in love with your personal brand too! 

I’ve come a long way from Girl Scout Cookies!  But thank goodness for those mothers who ran Girl Scout troops and generously gave me the experience to know that I could promote.  I got training as a young girl that has advanced and calls me to continue to refine my skills and abilities to work smarter, more profitable and more effectively promoting my message.  Where do you need to learn, grow and connect to take your next step?

Suggestion:  Do it all together! While you’re learning and growing, network with supportive, driven and trail-blazing entrepreneurs, women like yourself. Consciously learn the best ways to promote each other and build deeper, more lucrative, cross-promotional opportunities together. 

By using this formula:

‘G’:  Grow Your Dream Team;

‘R’:  Revolutionize Networking/i8uMarketing;

‘O’:  Only!, Support Yourself;

‘W’:  Work Smart!

You’ll see the fruits of how important it is to realize your ambition, and that it’s not just about the breadth of your network but the depth of results your relationships are capable of producing!  You can promote what’s most important to you!

And, here’s an added bonus I’d like to tell you about.  You’ll discover more ways to grow yourself, your business, and your high-powered connections at our upcoming conference.  It’s our ’Promote Her Business’ #hereWEgrow Conference. Learn more at


Josephine “Jōs” Hanan is the Founder of Promote Her Business, the premier marketing and sales organization for women entrepreneurs and male allies.  Promote Her Business is a hybrid between your favorite networking group and a year-round marketing/sales training program.

Jōs is the CEO/Founder of Promote Her Business and is eager to support YOU in “Winning more Customers by Winning their Hearts”! She is also a Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Certified Sales Trainer, Collaboration Expert, and Professional Speaker. Academically, Jōs has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, a Master’s in Human Resources, and has been certified as a Managerial Development Assessor. For over a decade, Jos has specialized in helping businesses across industries design and develop training programs and improve their marketing and communications both internally to employees, as well as to external customers.  See more at

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