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Radio and Podcast Platform Casts A Wide Promotion Net

by Debbi Dachinger

Should you promote yourself on Radio and Podcasts? For sure!! — Radio and podcasts are here to stay. The listening audience has historically doubled every year and is projected to continue making this a big opportunity for you and your message.

Radio and podcasts promote you and your brand, and your business. They garner an amazing force of listeners looking for your product and services.  You shouldn’t miss this important means of communicating your message when you put your valuable time and effort into messaging on radio and podcasts. Learn how to make money for your efforts, rather than making it a hobby that becomes a money pit.  Here are some tips on how to do this.

Radio and podcast media has fundamentally changed how people listen. Developing your personal method for being interactive on social media is huge. This engages your personality, point of view; and grabs the listeners participation in the topic.

People love it when you ask for their opinions. Surveys are great. Get opinions on topics and use this feedback to build your show.  Provide a way for listeners to comment. Get them to share their thoughts in the conversation and their interests.  How can you give them a way to offer their feedback?

This will build the enthusiasm and interest for your show, and increase your listeners. More listeners for your show mean good demographics and good demographics mean interested advertisers and potential sponsors.  See how this works!

Make no mistake.  The show that you send out over radio or podcast needs to be really good. It needs to inspire, motivate and engage your listeners with content that entertains and teaches.  You must pay attention to your audience numbers and what they need, want and how they dream of changing their lives.  Are you an engaging conversationalist?  What is it that you’ve learned from your life experience that can save someone else time, money or troubles?

People are catching on to how valuable radio and podcast media can be to promote themselves.  This means that there is a lot of competition, which forces you to up your game in what you deliver.  Why would a listener listen to you?  What is your specific niche? Be specific and brand yourself as the person who can answer the concerns and questions of your listeners. Do you have a unique point of view that brings humor, insight or answers to your presentation?  How do you bring your unique personality to the show to have people trust, believe and align with you?  How do you think out of the box: knowing that it’s okay to be funny as well as to have a strong point of view?

Through social media, you can reach out to local groups that align with your message and conversation.  When you shine your light on listeners you will be drawing them into your circle of influence and develop long-term loyalty.

Promote Yourself And Grow Long Term Loyalty

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To create long-term loyalty, it’s important to create opportunities to get listeners engaged and then keep people involved in what you are doing and promoting.  One way to do this is to create prizes for loyal listeners and acknowledge them in your radio, podcast and social media conversations.

Did you know that social media is an invaluable tool for radio and podcast promotion?  Why, because it’s free and easy to use.  Combining social media with your radio or podcast programs is an unbeatable way to connect with your listeners and spread publicity for your show. In order to ensure that your social media efforts make an impact, it’s a good idea to create a strategy.

What should your strategy include?  Get your audience involved and give listeners a chance to shape the show.  You can do this by encouraging your listeners to request their favorite guests, songs or conversation via Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you’d plan to do this on an ongoing basis, or allocate times of the day when listeners can direct the show’s content.

Social media is also a quick and easy way to gain feedback from your listeners.  This can help you refine and develop your program offerings.

Another fun thing is giveaways!  This is a fantastic way to generate exposure. Here’s what you can do.  Try encouraging brands to donate prizes for your competitions, or you can get creative with unusual prizes that won’t break the bank. Could you pass on those guest passes you were sent by the press company, instead of keeping them for yourself? The goal is to enable listeners to enter the competition by sharing or re-tweeting your post.  When you do this you can grow your reach and attract new listeners.

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Do you intend to have your radio or podcast produce cash into your checking account?  Why not?  Add this to your monthly cash flow as an additional source of revenues.  When you do this then you will consider how to run this media as a business and make a profit from your efforts.  How can you generate a regular monthly income from this work?

As you grow your radio, podcast, social media following – others will go to connect with you to promote their product, services, and messages.  This is because you will have become a sphere of influence that can with integrity shift people’s buying preferences.  This makes you valuable.

You can connect on social media, which is a fantastic tool for seeking sponsorships.  Sponsors are people who will pay you to associate their name with yours.  By creating a sponsorship package that includes information about your show and following and how you reach out on social media you can attract sponsors to your show.  This is all about building a growing base of listeners who love and appreciate your contributions and then aligning with other partners.  You can add big value to your sponsors when you have an active and healthy following.

Grow your listeners and get paid for it!


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