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Stories and Myths about Women and Money

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That women have told us. Do you see yourself in any of these stories, If so, which ones?

  • Here’s Anna who’s been suffering from low self-esteem

I was told by my broker brother that I’m too dumb to understand financial things.

  • Kate who was trying to buy affection

I loaned lots of money to friends only to find out that I didn’t get the appreciation I was seeking or my money back.

  • Jennie who put everything on hold but her career

I have an MBA from Harvard and still don’t know how to do my financial life. I have earned a lot and have lots of furs and jewelry but no cash and no financial security.

  • Bonnie who just got that she’s needs to make a shift in her money thinking

I get it! Schools just don’t teach you this stuff. It’s a matter of making a psychological shift within yourself rewiring your whole approach to money matters.

  • Janet who was caught in the “perfect girl” syndrome

I dedicated many years of my life to a business my husband started  I did the jobs he didn’t want to do. I thought if I was good enough at them then he would take care of me in return.

  • Sarah who was the family bookkeeper
Women and Money stories

What Money Myths are holding you back?

I took care of the finances in my marnage yet I was surpnsed to learn that there is a vast difference between the bookkeeping I did and thinking about and planning for cash for my future.

  • Susan who was afraid of being a bag lady

I managed the money in my relationship but was still afraid that I’d end up a bag lady.

  • Ashley who’s caught in the credit card nightmare

I’m 22 years old and have 7 credit cards that are at their maximums. Now I’m really frustrated because everything I earn has to go to my credit cards and I wonder if in my whole life I’ll ever get out of this.

  • Liz who is holding on to the hope of a White Knight

I’m beginning to do my own financial life; but if I get married, will it be different and I won’t have to do this anymore?

  • Jamie who thought she could earn her way out

I thought that if I just made more money I could earn my way out of the problem. I worked on this almost to the point of killing myself if I didn’t get that having cash was a matter of temperament and not of income.

  • Rachel who’s in the dark about her family finances

I’m married, and have a credit card and a household checking account in my name that my husband funds. But have no access to other monies that he has earned and invested while I’ve raised the children and done all the social/y appropriate duties to support him. I worry about what our financial picture looks like- I have no access and no idea.

  • Jodi who is struggling with old beliefs

I believed that earning more than my basic needs would be greedy. I got that
message from my family since they never allowed themselves to dream more than their basic needs. I’ve always settled for “Just enough” and now see that my thinking real/y limited my choices.

  • Leah who is a woman with money

I can make a lot of money but I haven’t really invested a whole lo?it is just sitting in a money market account. I haven’t taken the time to slow down long enough to make plans for my financial future.

  • Ruth who just received an inheritance

I’ve recently inherited more money than I ever dreamed of having. It is such a change for me-I am scared that I have a lot to learn and I’m afraid that I could make a mistake and blow it.

  • Michelle who’s been suffering from delusions

I married a man with a large trust fund He has poor business skills and has frittered away the money. Although we live a public life that looks real/y good, we personal/y have large credit card balances and debt that keeps growing. lf he dies, I’ll have no income-if he lives, where will I get the monry to take care of him? My only apparent option is to divorce him in order to protect myse!f because of his financial choices and because I didn’t have a plan of my own.

  • Erica who is looking for a financial advocate

I took the steps to secure my future by finding myself an advisor – but was disillusioned to find that the advisor was unable to consider a womans viewpoint. My husband and I were working with the same person and it was a woman but she didn’t embrace women’s issues. I think she thought that on/y my husband was the client!

  • Maria who’s caught in a femininity myth

I’m just beginning to see that I hold myself back because I’m afraid to make more money or have more investments than my partner. … Because then I might not be loved how can a partner take care of me if I can take care of myself.


Women and MoneyWhat’s Wrong With This Picture?

The ways that the women quoted on the previous pages were thinking weren’t supporting them in the growth of their own financial well-being. It was the time in each of their lives to develop some new thinking, confidence, and beliefs about taking charge of their money lives so that their Wheel of Life would roll along more smoothly.

As you reflect on the myths around money that have held women back, and you’ve experienced the stories of other women take this time to write us an email or comment below. We would love to help you dispell your own financial myths, beliefs or old ways of thinking that have held you back from experiencing the fullness of your power as a woman and the essence of your financial well-being.

As You Reflect On the Myths Around Money That have held women back, and you’ve experienced the stories of other women. Take this time to write about yourself. What myths, beliefs or old thinking habits have held you back from experiencing the fullness of your power as a woman and the essence of your financial well-being.


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