The creative field is ever-changing, especially for those who work in the digital field. Often creative people are the innovators who design the trends instead of following them.

Innovative and Dynamic Graphic Design Trends of 2018

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Top 9 Graphic Design Trends of 2018

2018 graphic design trends are varied in style, color, and execution. Technology has allowed such a diverse group of tools and styles to create interesting branding.

1. Creating New Realities

Current graphic design trends are reflecting our current situation as a country. With politics polarizing the nation, many are looking for ways to escape. In the art world, this is accomplished through the effects of color changing on stock photos and using the colors intensely and almost psychedelically.

2. Staying Positive

While this may seem like an unexpected trend when it comes to graphic design. The fact that the past year has been rough for most people has caused them to turn to art for hope. This isn’t the cliché kind of hope where no action is taken. Instead, it’s quotes and themes that filled with honesty and truth.

3. New Technologies in Type

The Senior Manager of Adobe Type, Dan Rhatigan, says that 2018 will see shifts in how we use typefaces, not necessarily getting new ones. “The potential of what people can do with typefaces is changing pretty markedly for the first time in about 20 years,” he says.

He points to the visual search in Adobe Typekit, which help people look for and discover new typefaces in a natural way. He believes that these typefaces will help users customize the styles within a typeface design.

4. Hybrid Creatives

Adobe Creative Resident Aundre Larrow sees a rise in “hybrid creatives,” driven by the fading of Instagram and brands needing more videos. Hybrid creatives are people that are able to create smart and fun motion along with brand content.

Creating New Realities Graphic Design

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5. The Color Ultra Violet

Pantone has nominated UltraViolet for the color of 2018, it was already seen rising in 2017. It’s been paired with hot pink, bright blue, and cyan. It was previously a highly disliked color in both America and Europe, so it’s interesting to see it rise so high.

6. Brands Having Multiple Color Schemes

Usually brands have a few established colors, this makes it easy for the population to recognize them instantly. That’s how it used to be. Now, there has been a rise in brands having multiple colors to create more visually interesting ads.

Some examples are Spotify and Dropbox. Both used to have only one or two colors associated with them. Now, both companies have a rainbow of colors that they use. This could be due to trying to increase their range and reach to potential customers.

Branding and ads are the biggest way to attract people and convey what your company is about. Take, for example, 99design’s logo, it’s simple, clean, and bold. This conveys professionalism, a strong eye, and good design.

7. Color Gradients Coming Back

Color gradients, which can be done in two ways, the first is a fading of colors with the dark color at the top and fades into a lighter one or vice versa. The second is a gentle merging of colors in a linear form, like vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally.

This went away for a while, but there’s a resurgence in using them. Instagram has been using them for a couple years with their branding. Now everyone else is adopting this idea.

It could be because it allows companies a bit of creative freedom while still being professional. Instead of having a single color background, which can be bland, they can use a gradient to create some visual interest.

Color Gradients  Graphic Design

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8. The Use of Duotones

According to 99designs, the use of duotones is going to be popular this year. Duotones are created through halftone, which is the use of dots varying in size to create a continuous tone. One halftone is overlapped and printed on top of another one of contrasting color. These create striking imagines with bold colors that seem to jump out.

9. Patterns Inspired by the 80s and 90s

Reminiscing is a powerful tool this year, graphic trends are bringing back the best of the 80s and 90s. They are doing this by creating ultra-flat designs and unusual geometric graphic design.

This surge of interest in the past is due to the fact that the children of those decades are now becoming the core audience for many brands. It’s also a large group of people, equaling a large market.

Colorful Year Graphic Design

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2018 Seems to Be a Colorful Year

It seems that 2018 will the year of color, between duotones and major brands adding more colors to their tool belt, there will nothing boring or bland to look at for sure.

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The above article was researched and written by the editorial staff at WomensWealth.Money.

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