Trump, Women and Money

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Trump Is “Our” President, What Do Women Do Now?

The Climate has changed in Washington, that’s for sure, and how has it changed for women and money is a good question to ask?  Trump, his ‘Orange-ness’ has stepped into power.  What can we expect?  How can women be successful and financially secure within the new dynamics of these economic times?

I texted a friend of mine:  ‘Can you believe Trump won?’, as I was experiencing shock and awe.  How could Trump have done everything wrong and still won the election for President?  He didn’t have the media, the Speaker of the House, the Press, or even his own party backing him.  He was total ‘out of the box’ when it came to following the historical path to winning such a big election.

My friend texted back:  ‘Yep, not surprised’.  I was so confounded that I texted back: ‘What do you think that we can expect?’.  My friend texted back one word:  “Entertainment!’.

I laughed.  That’s true, we can expect a lot of entertainment in the next four or more years.  And, it has already begun.  We can also expect some radical changes and financial market volatility.  My wish is that we can all keep our sense of humor as well.

‘Cheeto and Chief’, another of the affectionate names that I have heard the ‘Donald’ called is breaking with many traditions which some fear will affect women’s programs that receive national funding and our personal pocketbooks. 

While this poses a real problem, I suggest that there are other solutions for us as women too.  Now is the time for ‘out of the box’ thinking for us too as we usher in this new era.  Just maybe, we can become stronger, more courageous and more resourceful in this time.  Now we can be called to go from ‘servants’ in the marketplace to ‘leaders’ in the marketplace.  How about that?

Trump, Women and Money

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Amercian Institutions and Women

Let’s face it, many of the institutions in America are no longer working.  So much has changed and jobs that seemed mainstream a decade or more ago and going the way of vinyl records.  Where can women take leadership and offer new solutions to our economy — and get well paid for them?

You might guess that since I publish this website, that I am firmly a ‘capitalist,’  but I am humanitarian and even sometimes a socialist at heart, and few candidates bridge this span for me.   That’s why I am eager to see women move into political positions and herald a woman running for President.

I want a thriving healthy economy, with money in the United States bank accounts sufficient to run our country, solid infrastructure and jobs to solve economic problems.  And, I want women to be nurtured and supported in our world — with education, child care, and health needs met.  These are real places of service to human beings who live in your world. 

Let’s look at where we are now, given the outcome of this Presidential election.  Here’s what I see.  The message is loud and clear:  ‘Think OUTSIDE THE BOX’. 

Women marched in big numbers all over the country and all over the world — as hundreds of thousands of women turned out for the Saturday, march in Washington, New York, San Jose, LA and many many small towns as well.  Women peacefully and collaboratively were saying, ‘We are human and we have a Voice’.  Let this be a turning point in the way that we are thinking as well, in new calls to action to promote ourselves and our better world. 

Because you know the old expression.  ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a new result.’  Right now, 87% of the elderly poor are women, these are women who struggle to survive and lose their independence.  Of course, you want to thrive financially — a much better plan!

I remember a discussion that I had back in the 1970s about the Equal Rights Amendment for Women.  Women had felt the decades of exclusion from the American Economic system and were attempting to legislate their way to inclusion.  One evening, a large circle of professional women sat around a table in a Philadelphia restaurant talking adamantly about legislating our rights as women as a way to secure those rights.  This puzzled me as I struggled to engage their point of view.  Even back then I felt the urge of capitalism. 

The Lives of Women in America

The Lives of Women in America

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I jumped into the conversation saying that economic power was key to our opportunity to have real influence and sovereignty in our lives.  I argued that legislating our rights would not be a simple answer.  I believed at the time — and continue to think — that our strength rests in our ability to fortify our financial well-being and then to have the independence and courage to stand up for what we truly believe in our hearts.  We have to make our stand regardless of what lawmakers do. 

No one is going to give us equality.  Both if we create our own jobs, our own companies, our own products for sale in the marketplace, if we enact our own women-centered visions, we can establish our equality.  The market is ready to receive new visions, service/products and heart that come from our unique perspective and willingness to offer our best and be paid for it.

Regardless of ‘Mr. Cheeto and Chief’ —  my friend’s name for poking at Donald Trump.  Now is the call for women to innovate in the economy and create new money-making opportunities that set them apart.  You can have heart, freedom, and flexibility, and make money on your terms.  This is the ‘out of the box’ thinking that I am talking about. 

To leave the historic role of women as servants in the marketplace, it takes new thinking to become leaders in the marketplace.  And, sister!….this is the way that you will assure yourself that you have the cash for your future!

Trump promised reduced taxes and regulation.  This is the world that the famous author Ayn Rand described in her famous book describing capitalism ‘Atlas Shrugged’.  As a young girl, I couldn’t put her books down and loved the strength and courage that she wrote into her characters like Dagny Taggart.  Dagny is a brilliant engineer/businesswoman who runs a transcontinental railroad expertly. Her strength of purpose and impassioned commitment to the railroad enables her to withstand the injustices and challenges.

Lives of Great Women

Great Women in America

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Ayn Rand’s books showed me women who made up their own rules, created businesses and welcomed profit.  Despite his foibles, Trump is heralding in an era that making money is ‘OK, as he triumphs not giving up and building an asset base.

Mother Teresa had heart and compassion that served well above self and self-satisfaction but make no mistake, she also knew and had great prowess in the movement and use of money.  She was a master at directing money for good.  She understood how it worked and participated in the flow of many to serve her many causes.  We remember her for her tenacity and commitment to serving the world at a higher level and bringing relief to those who were suffering. 

All around you and I are people who are looking for solutions in their own lives.  When you solve other people’s problems, you can create a business with that in mind.  What do you know, what road have you traveled, what answer do you have that can assist others to live a more productive life?  Have you traveled the path of weight loss, solutions to raising kids, or do you have a skill such as videography and social media skills?  Any of these are things that are needed now.  Glenda Geis started her company that makes Audrey- Hepburn -like handbags and it’s been a big market for her to please women with the purchase of her handbags. 

Take out a sheet of paper and write down — what do I know, do or see that can help others.  This list can help you expand your current business ventures and also to envision new business ventures.  Take a friend to lunch and ask her to make a list, and then talk about your lists.  I find with my partner in our business ventures that we create so much more as a team than I would just be pondering business development in my own head. 

Now is your time, and your best approach will be to enact your financial well-being rather than wait for it to be legislated.  Trump will not be able to stop the growing spirit and innovation of women that we are seeing emerging all around us.  The very nature of women wants to come forth and be expressed into the world:  including into the marketplace. 

Our freedom has grown from gaining the vote to now our time in history to go from being servants to the marketplace to be leaders in the marketplace.  After all, women are the biggest consumers, so there is golden opportunity to create businesses for women, presented in the context of a women’s life and tailored to her specific needs. 

I hope that you are inspired and that you identify, strategize and then implement your vision to creating profitability for your life, and lifelong security because you have taken a stand for your financial well-being.  On this site, we will be featuring women who have already taken an economic stand and those that are in the process.  Stay tuned for stories to tell of these heroines and their mark of success. 

Article Written by Editorial Staff

The above article was researched and written by the editorial staff at WomensWealth.Money.

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