Texas Conference for Women

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This conference is all about providing support and community for ambitious women. Now in its 19th year, this Texas women’s conference is all about closing the pay gap, eliminating gender discrimination, and gain equality in boardrooms. It gathers thousands of attendees and a generous amount of speakers for teaching.

9 Reasons You Should Go the Texas Conference for Women

There are many reasons to attend this conference, from the speakers, the education opportunity, and networking opportunities are just a few. If you’re stuck in a rut with your life, need a spark of inspiration for your business, or if you need a supportive community, this conference is perfect for all of that.

1. This Conference Isn’t Just for Texas Women

Despite its name, any woman in any state can attend this conference. Men can even attend if they are dedicated to work that will benefit women. This opens up speakers and opportunities that other conferences don’t have.

2. They Have a Mentoring Program

This conference is dedicated to all women, including young women making their way in the world. Through their Young Women’s Program, the conference provides high school junior and senior girls the chance to go to the conference and participate in a seminar track designed especially for them.

3. They Support Local Nonprofit Organizations

With a form right on their site, any organization can register to be a Supporting Organization. The way it works is that the organization shows support for the conference through social marketing and in return, the conference will list them on their website and give their own social media shout-outs.

4. Last Year They Had Amazing Speakers

There was an amazing line up of speakers for the conference in 2017. Some especially great names include Viola Davis, Anita Hill, Sheryl Sandberg, and Adam Grant. There was way more than just these 4, they had many speakers exploring topics from health, to business, to social media.

Amazing Speakers Texas Conference for Women

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5. The Different Kinds of Talks They Have

With different types of talks there are plenty of opportunities to learn. There are keynote sessions in which a group of speakers will come together and talk about either themselves or a specific topic.

Then there are the breakout sessions which are split into three separate sections. There are the workshops, which are interactive. These can include exercises, role plays, and other activities that offer advice.

Then there is the Panel of Experts. This is led by a thought leader in a certain space. These sessions offer a brief “state of climate” followed by a discussion on the best practices and lessons learned from the Experts.

Finally, there is Life Perspective, this offers a mix of advice and inspiration by sharing real-life stories that offer perspective on managing life.

6. The Conference Helps with Resumes

Throughout the conference, there will be resume reviews and a Coaches’ Corner. If you have been having trouble developing your resume or don’t even know where to start, this could be incredibly fruitful for you. Don’t be intimated at the thought of a professional seeing your resume, it won’t get better unless you ask for help.

The Coaches will help you with everything from life, to love, to business. There is a generous amount of coaches that will be available during the day. The only times they won’t be around is during the opening and lunch keynote sessions.

Amazing Speakers Texas Conference for Women

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7. There Will Be Speaker Book Signings

If there is a particular speaker that you enjoyed, you can purchase their book and get it signed at the Liberty Mutual Bookstore. There will be multiple signings so make sure you check the schedule. If you want to get books ahead of time, you can stop by the Texas state bookstore.

8. They Offer Teleclasses

Can’t make it to the conference? Well, they offer teleclasses that you can individually register for. Classes like Boycott Busyness and Find More Meaning, and Transform Your Workplace with Radical Honesty. There are so much more, those mentioned before are just the first two. There are all kinds focused on different topics.

9. It’s a Great Networking Opportunity

With how many businesses and attendees that are going, you can use this as a networking opportunity. Even better is if you can find like-minded people to discuss your business.

Can’t Make it to Texas?

Are you nowhere near Texas, but want to join the fun? Don’t worry, there are sister conferences. The first being the MA Conference for Women, in Massachusetts. The next, The Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Then finally, the Watermark Conference for Women in Silicon Valley. No matter which conference you attend the core is the same, it’s about women for women, supporting one another so that they can all rise together.

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The above article was researched and written by the editorial staff at WomensWealth.Money.

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