Building Wealth For a Secure Future

Women Should Actively Work On Building Wealth

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Money – having money, growing it, and feeling financially secure – is a most important and valued grooming aspect in our lives as women – or at least it should be. Make no mistake – better than a facelift or sparkling diamonds – having money in our checking accounts when we are wise, gracefully aging women – will put a song in our hearts and a security in our step.


Because money is a life-giving energy – just like love, health or physical strength – it is a resource that is both necessary and vital to our health and well-being.  Having ample money allows us the freedom to choose what we do . . . in work, play and life.  Money provides an answer to emergencies. It enables us with resources to give someone else a better life.  Women today can expect to live to be centurions – we outlive men in our society – and we will need cash flow for long years of life.

As active woman today we understand creating our future – and taking an active role in obtaining, managing and growing money is all part of it. In these days, we’re blessed in our society, as women, what options are open to us and that we can directly affect the state of our financial lives – with our behavior, psychology, and knowledge around money.

There are three ways that money comes to us: marry it, inherit it and earn it – all with their growth aspects.  And once it is in our pockets – the key is to manage and safely grow money so it gives you and me a good feeling in our stomachs – that we are a protected, well cared for, financially successful women. 

Women Have More Money In Clothes and Jewelry Than Savings

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Marketers all around the globe vie for our spending dollars, our attention. We make the majority of the buying decisions in our households – whether single or married. However, and sadly, most women today have more money invested in their clothes closet, jewelry boxes and makeup drawers than in their savings accounts. 

What is needed is for more and more women to understand that through our efforts to acquire money – our best bet is to consider our future and become inspired to build a healthy, growing financial closet. 

While working on Wall Street, I learned that the subject of money is often treated like a product that is sold – with a buyer beware tag – rather than as a service that engages women to see money as part of the weave of our lives. In the past, women in our society did not always have the spectacular opportunity to acquire money, acknowledge money’s importance in our lives, or take a hands-on roll in managing it.  We are experiencing the last part of the Women’s Movement that started in the 70’s – for women to have financial legs today.

Money becomes extremely important when we’re presented with a divorce, while raising kids, during the loss of a parent or partner or as we make job changes. At these junctures of life – when life is what really happens and not necessarily what we expect – money is not only a necessity, it is a resource to keep your life working and progressing forward.  At times like these and others: being flexible and knowing the financial players, understanding money tools and embracing protection tools can steady our way –  and keep us in charge of our well-being.

Money Is a Juicy, Rich Subject. Take More About It.

Juicy Apple and Building WealthMoney is a juicy, rich subject that tells the gutsy nature of women’s lives – girlfriends can go to lunch and talk about money, mothers can talk to their children about money, women can discuss salary issues and credit cards – it is from this strong place in our spirit where we get an understanding of exactly where our money is, how much we have, what people can help us grow it and where we should place it so it can grow into larger sums and enable our energies.

We’re victimized if we don’t have an understanding and a context for managing money for our lives. What used to be confusing or things we never thought about before now – the variety of investment accounts, investment plans, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401K, taxes, insurance and many other made-up terms and tools can suddenly become extremely clear and easy to understand. As women we can embrace this piece and by taking charge of our money, and in doing so, strengthen our financial legs for good lives. 

Let’s step up and look at exactly where we stand financially today, the amount of money we need to acquire over the next years for our longevity and where we can place our money to grow it appropriately. Let’s be picky about results.  Let’s get concerned about the advice that we digest from people who affect our money, its growth and the result in our life plans. We need to be picky about those we choose as financial coaches, attorneys, bankers and other professionals.

Women put stock in their clothing closets – when we put stock in our financial closets we’ll certainly not run around naked.  We’ll find that after contributing to the closet that it is best to send some items to the thrift shop and replace the vacant spot with a new choice over time.  Money is the same – the fashions are always changing – and adjusting is necessary. Garments usually don’t stay looking good and in style for long periods of time – in investments too, styles change. Money styles include incorporating these changes.

With groundwork understanding, spoken in a woman’s language – it is not as complicated as Wall Street, the television media, and publications have made it out to be. You can actively engage and measure your financial growth.

We all need a ‘Money Machine’ – where a woman’s money is making more money – a way to grow money so that in the future you can walk away from a job and know that you will receive an income that meets expenses, provides for the good things in life and carries you throughout the rest of your life.  What is in your Money Machine today?  How are your money resources working for you?  What can you do to take it up a notch – or six?  Where will income come from in the future? What will effectively grow your money?

We can answer these questions – and you can strengthen your ability and financial legs.  And if you have a partner – it’s a reason to play together.  Gone are the days when most women can count on a man to bear this responsibility – and heads up – we are fortunate to have economic opportunity in our lifetime and the ability to determine possibilities for our own financial well-being.

I encourage you to take charge of your money life today. My wish for you is that “Money is your Friend – and takes you to greater heights in your life.”

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